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The Adventures of Sir Broccoli and Ms Tomato :iconclovercarmen5:clovercarmen5 3 8
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clovercarmen5's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
i'm currently living in canada because of my art college since egypt doesn't have a good one! i like reading manga
i used to watch anime in arabic dub on a channel called SPACEPOWER for teens and SPACETOON for kids when i was younger. great times.

but the greatest ones are the times that i spend it with my family outside on an amusment park or the beach..etc

i like having friends from all around the world because i don't get the chance to travel around so i meet them on facebook, msm ...or here in deviantart

i like drawing characters and clothes. it's kinda strange but my ideas come when i sleep or do my homework. so i rush to grab any piece of paper and draw it. i like reading historical people that interests me and i like hearing musics of all kind

i like to play on arcade games alot than the 3d looking-ones and my zodiac is aeries and in chinese it's sheep. i like spicy food alot
my most annoying habit is daydreaming, for others it's annoying cause they think i'm not paying any attention to them

Current Residence: house
Favourite genre of music: hiphop, disco, rap, classic, arabic, hindi, irish
Operating System: photoshop/ Toon Boom/ Priemier/ After Effects
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Skin of choice:red
Favourite Animators: Glen Keane, Jamie Hewlett, kihyun ryu, Joaquim Dos Santos, Ichirō Itano, TMS Entertainment Animators, Koko Enterprises Animators,


The Adventures of Sir Broccoli and Ms Tomato
just something i did on my animation class. using cutouts and dragonframe animation to study loops, stretch, squash and smear. i hope you enjoy.

all copy rights belong to me.

The Adventures of Sir Broccoli and Ms Tomato
this is a short animation test i did using cutouts and dragon frame. its a test on loops, stretch, squash and smear. i hope you enjoy.
all copyrights belong to me
Marvel VS Capcom Ladies..
when i was a little girl who watched too many western cartoons and japanese anime, i've always like the idea of the 2 worlds colliding with eachjJ other. the possibilities and the scenarios the characters will come up and interact with one another. the amusement and adventurous tone of the western cartoons and the zaniness and fantasy of the japanese anime. and 2 games made my dreams come true. kingdom hearts and marvel vs capcom. so i thought, what if marvel vs capcom took a day off just to enjoy themselves? relax and party. so i made them attend a black tie event party where they all could have fun. i have put alot of thought of what the ladies might wear in an event like that without clashing with their original outfits. so without further ado, this is my fashion design dress of the ladies of marvel vs capcom outfits for the party. from right to left:

1) Death - X-men (marvel): nothing screams like dead and goth than a black Victorian gown with a hood, with the spiky and skull jewelry. 2) Saki Omokane - Quiz Nanairo Dreams (Capcom): i gave her the look of a cute japanese model who is into ribbons and flutter chiffon dress. 3) Sakura Kasugano - Street fighter (Capcom): roses. roses everywhere. i now this is a huge side track from the tommy-boy style she embraces, but its always a good thing to try something new. 4) Crimson Viper - Street fighter (Capcom): laces, sheriff sun-glasses and biker gloves for this gal. with a long dress and a rose motif. 5) Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling - Darkstalkers (Capcom): at first, i went with a full chinese qi-pao just like chun li and ton pooh but then i noticed none of my gals are wearing neck ribbons. so i put one on Hsien-Ko. and then i noticed that i just made and entirely new style of qi-pao. go western from the top but traditional from the roots. so i made one for Mei-Ling as well. a french cravat. 6) Roll - Megaman (Capcom): a simple dolly-like dress. 7) Anita - Darkstalkers (Capcom): flutter sleeves and a curtain-like drapery dress for the little butterfly that she is. 8) Marrow - X-men (marvel): i've never seen someone like marrow before. so i gave her a dress that i've never seen before. a cutout minimalist grecian mini dress with a diamond brooch so she can spike out with ease. 9) Son son (Capcom): a nature gal with a flare for frilly dress and flowers for shoes. 10) Ruby Heart (Capcom): ruffles and more ruffles for our lady pirate. 11) Rogue - X-men (marvel): my favorite x-men character. so i gave her a sexy key-hole top (look but can't touch), a criss-cross stockings and long black gloves. 12) Storm - X-men (marvel): regal and royal. 13) X-23 - X-men (marvel): knee length strap boots, and spaghetti strap sleeve body-con mini dress for more practical usage with a dog-like collar. 14) Amaterasu - Okami (Capcom): a simple onyx jewelry collar for our good girl. 15) Jill Valentine - Resident Evil (Capcom): jill strikes me as a secretary, always doing someone's errands. even got the hair for it. her outfit is the most business formal looking with a pencil skirt and a halter top. 16) Trish - Devil May Cry (Capcom): trish deserves a dress in her wardrobe. she has been wearing pants for too long. a long maxi dress a deep V-neck line attached together with a ring like her choker. 17) Psylocke - X-men (marvel): a sharp halter and a deep back maxi dress with a tail. 18) Cammy - Street fighter (Capcom): cammy strikes me of that of a british lipstick model with a police woman vibe. her broad shoulder pads are glitter, alot like police car sirens lights. 19) Jean Grey - X-men (marvel): the most common, traditional and timeless sleeveless mermaid dress. 20) Chun Li - Street fighter (Capcom): the 2nd most common, traditional and timeless qi-pao dress with cute ribbon shoes. 21) She-hulk (marvel): off the shoulder top cocktail dress with cute ribbon gloves and open toed shoes. 22) Michelle Heart - Legendary Wings (Capcom): angels and lace go together hand in hand like fries and ketchup. and not forgetting the draped dress. 23) Felicia - Darkstalkers (Capcom): an imitation of her fur design, this dress conceals yet reveals, no shoes for her! 24) Morrigan - Darkstalkers (Capcom): a vampire like dress. 25) Lilith - Darkstalkers (Capcom): she is like a pubescent child who is going through adult-hood with this kind of body all i can think of is one piece swimming suit with swallow tails. 26) Jubilee - X-men (marvel): retro with studs. 27) Captain Marvel (marvel): wide shoulder strap to accentuate her strong shoulders with a sweet heart bust line top. 28) Gamora - Guardians of the Galaxy (marvel): i googled alot of futuristic things just to sponge all i need to make this outfit. the engine-wing shaped earrings, the net top, the diamond skirt, the futuristic boots. 29) Baby Bonnie Hood - Darkstalkers (Capcom): peasant puffy sleeves with a fit and flare skirt and a peter-pan collar with a bow-tie. 30) Spiral (marvel): Spiral with her many arms remind me alot of those hindu deities and female belly dancers. so, i gave her an eastern belly dance dress vibe and i went insane with the jewelry. come on, i mean with 6 arms how come you cant go crazy with the bracelets, rings and gloves? 31) Princess Devilotte de Death Satan IX - Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness (Capcom): mutton sleeves, chiffon neck high collar with a balloon dress. 32) Ton Pooh - Strider (Capcom): a simple qi-pao with a belt and a 70s square bracelet. 33) Tron Bonne - Megaman (Capcom): butterfly bust line and lace filling out both her shoulders and arms. with a white flower choker and a chiffon skirt. 34) Pure the Mage and Fur the Cat- Adventure Quiz Capcom World (Capcom): chiffon shake-spear ruffle neck, pearly shoes and flower hair accessory. while the cat has the necklace collar. 35) Monster Hunter (Capcom): thanks for my sister :iconalexandraalex: for providing the outfit. she was like " she's got the tarzan hair, the long slim body, lets throw a dead animal on her" and thus her outfit was born. a lepoard print jumpsuit with pointy shoes and big beady bracelets. 

the gentlemen will come soon.
WIP: hetalia germany and vietnam
just a work in progress i've been working on. among 10 others.
i really  need to speak with. there are scripts that i wanted it translated in the native language.
  • Listening to: Bayonetta - Moon River & Fly me to the Moon
  • Reading: fragrantica perfumes
  • Watching: Bayonetta 2
  • Playing: Jazz JackRabbit 2
  • Eating: boiled eggs *screw diet -_-+*
  • Drinking: might as well just drink air



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DylanCArt Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Student General Artist
Hello I DylanCart I make Crossover story's do you want to read my story's ?
clovercarmen5 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Student Artisan Crafter
Sure. send me links and i will read them in my free time
DylanCArt Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Student General Artist
Thank you.
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do u want to print any picture in pillow? we can produce personal pillow for customer. you can go into this my If you want to order to me,you can send picture to me
thank u
chinchongcha Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
Nice gallery you have <3
It's my honor so far to meet you.
Could you give me, amateur artist, an opinion on my art and animation ^^
I want to improve a lot >w<
clovercarmen5 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 1, 2017  Student Artisan Crafter
the honor is actually mine. i have just skimmed through your gallery and i must say you are far from an amateur artist. now looking through it more vigorously.

the first impression i got from your gallery is that it's very vibrant, colorful, eye capturing too. and i mean that in a positive way ofcourse. i see that your strongest asset is your coloring and i say keep it up! also your use of space and perspectives is very smart. nothing like a smart shift of camera to liven up your art. i also see that you are a fan of anime. you could also try experimenting other styles too. like semi-realistic and realistic people, comic style, western style, traditional, contemporary, you could use the experimentation to make something totally new with YOUR style. when you are good at more than one style, you are quickly expanding your opening options and experiencing new trials you didn't think you could do. you are good at drawing. and that is eminent in your short animations. i say draw more. sketch more. especially figure sketching. try using different pencil thickness and effects. now talking about sketching there are a few things i want to point out so i will use your own art as reference. nothing like a good crit to put things into perspective Romano (Mustache Laughs) [V1] :

1) i noticed that your line arts are fine. you are using fine lines to draw your line arts which is fine, but you need to be careful with fine lineart becasue you have to get them extremely perfect and clean. the tricky thing about fine linearts is that you have to be extremely careful not to overlap the end of the lines. it takes so much time but the results are perfect, professional looking art. becasue it looks the closest to life. you don't see people with thick outlines unless you are living in a comic book XD.  but you have to give more time so that you end up with no rough sketches. like for example your "Musashi - Fate/Grand Order" if you look closely at the girl's right end of the sleeve you will notice some lines that are overlapping each other and you don't want that when you are drawing realistic fine line art. now if it were a sketch yes you can get away with it no matter how thick the lines or fine they are. but when a line like that creeps out while the whole line art is supposed to be perfect it's hard to miss Pouty lip emote

2)another thing, don't shy from pressing your hands more when you draw. try emphasizing more thicker lines in places you want them to be emphasized and slowly, gradually go to thin lines again. it makes the art pop out more. for example, the curve hair strands of her hair, her rounded breasts from the sides, her legs from the sides as well, the tip of her shoes, the handle of the sword could be drawn with a thicker line than the blade it would make a stunning contrast as the blade is thin and crisp. 

3) do more base sketches. base sketches are the rough sketch you use as a giude to build on the better sketch as you do more base sketches. look at this picture for exaple.…
the artist did 4 basic sketches to do a a figure, and he will probably do more to get the final clean line art.

4) also use the flipping canvas trick. artist do that to look at any errors that will definitely pop out becasue they have looked at their art in a certain way for a long time their eyes got used to the mistakes they made. and that's where the "liquifying" tool comes in… this is a very simple and primitive tutorial that shows you basically what a liquifying tool is. i know it looks scary at first, but the more you use it, the more it enhances your art. 

now the animation thing is a whole different level, i will give you some pointers and youtube videos if you really want to enter the animation industry becasue i am just a beginner like your self.

1) you need to enroll into an lessons in animation programs. whether it's a school or a studio. check this one out and see if you want it.…  you need to learn the history and the basics of animation if that's your thing. 

2)read this.… . and i don't mean in a whole day, god no! XD when you have more free time. and download if possible. you don't know for how long things stay online before it gets removed. because buying one is expensive. so i say if it's free better have it. this book is a gem. everything and anything about animation you need to know.

3) have the right programs. people will tell you that as long as you are talented you will produce good enough animation movies or series even if you are drawing with a donkey's foot (they usually mean photoshop and flash). that's a good advice on the short run. but if you really want to get anywhere in big animation corporations you need the learn the tools they are using. photshop is good for animating basic stuff but to make a good short video you need something that photoshop itself doesn't provide, that is time and speed checks. which means you need to speed up, slow down, forward and reverse your work to look at how it flows. photoshop doesn't have that. the program i use for animation is called toon boom harmony. sadly you can't buy the program you can only rent it. check these videos. all of them. the first 2 is about what animation program you should use. the other 3 are educational.……………

when you are free check out all of…
videos and subscribe to them. they know what they are talking about.

other than that i am here for anything you need.
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017
Nice gallery:)
clovercarmen5 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Student Artisan Crafter
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